Truimphant Tony Gilham is set to pose a real threat to his BTCC podium mates, after it has been confirmed that all teams will be running a higher level of boost for the fastest track of the BTCC season at Thruxton on April 29th.

News came yesterday afternoon, Gilham said: “now with new boost equalisation regulations taking effect from this race at Thruxton, I will be now allowed to run a higher level of boost.”

Gilham, who snatched 3rd place glory in BTCC after Jackson was disqualified from victory, at Donington last Sunday, is set to offer a credible threat to his podium stablemates at the upcoming Thruxton race on 29th April.

Speaking exclusively this morning (Thursday) from his garage to Rachel Evans, he has high hopes for a podium finish at Thruxton.

“Third place promotion was icing on the cake for me and the team after the events of the weekend. It was an unbelievable feeling and mind-blowing.

We are looking forward to Thruxton and keen to prove ourselves all over again. What`s good about the Thruxton circuit , which I love – is that Hondas normally go well there.

I cannot wait to get back out in the car again ”, Gilham said.

As Gilham’s thoughts turned from Donington to Thruxton – a much speedier track – his team are working hard to prepare the car. “We are making gearing and other changes to the car to cope with the faster circuit ” he said at the TG34 garage.    He will be running a unique tyre compound especially for this race.  Gilham will not have to carry any success ballast as he is already above the weight.

A front of the grid performance by Gilham is expected as quicker lap times are forecast.

A source close to the Gilham camp said “Tony is feeling more confident as the race season progresses as he is getting used to driving a car without a fixed rear beam.”

Tony is currently 10th in the championship standings and says he has a good chance of making further progress as he becomes more used to his car.

Gilham had one of the fastest cars during the latter part of the Donington circuit, where fans witnessed the consistent lap times he produced, with just 2 seconds separating his fastest and slowest laps.

He also spoke of the moment when he saw the BTCC official walking towards him at his trackside garage holding the two trophies. “He placed them on the roof of my car and we were elated.“

Gilham got straight onto the phone of his main sponsor RCIB Insurance Mike Joseph who spoke of the shock news.   ” Tony is a great driver and thoroughly deserves his success ” Mike said, who shared the truimph long after the cameras and fans had left Donington Park.

Both trophies now sit on Gilham’s garage office window ledge, gleaming proudly.

Report by Rachel Evans