Cadwell Park for rounds 8 and 9 of the MR2 RACING Series with Red Dragon Race and Track club, Sunday race day was nice and sunny saw an absolutely full grid of 32 cars, qualifying was damp but drying due too a wet night so Hall Bends was interesting!
Qualifying saw Alex Gassman in car 48 get pole followed by Sarah Wherry in car 4 in 2nd place both lapping in 1 min 50 sec, then Ross Stoner in car 22 with a 1min 51 lap.

race 1
was a four car battle between Alex Gassman car 48, Ross Stoner car 22 , Sarah Wherry car 4 and David Hemingway car 5, the win went too Gassman from Stoner, Wherry and Hemingway, with the rest of the grid over two seconds behind having there own battles lead by Chris Shackle in car 77 and Shane Wright car 71 and Matt Smith.

race 2
Again the same four leading the pack this time saw Ross Stoner take 1st from the first lap up Coppice from Gassman then Wherry who was also taken by Hemingway on the first lap, this order continued with all four drivers chasing hard and leaving the grid again, with hot battles going on behind on this tight twisty circuit, on lap 5 the front order changed again seeing Wherry sneak an underpass on Hemingway at the bottom of the Mountain to take back third again and then hold this until the chequed flag, so race podium went too Ross Stoner 1st,Alex Gassman 2nd and Sarah Wherry 3rd the next rounds will be at Mallory Park on September 19th.